Introducing Ne2 Pacific


Introducing the Ne2 Pacific Commodity Trading Platform

The Net Energy Group is pleased to be launching a new Commodity Trading Platform tailored to the increasing demand for North American crude oil in the Asia Pacific Basin. In conjunction with the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc (TOCOM), Net Energy is opening a Tokyo office for its latest affiliate company - Ne2 Pacific.

Ne2 Pacific will provide energy market intelligence to buyers and sellers in the Asia Pacific Basin. In addition to the Ne2 Pacific team, a new trading platform with direct access to the TOCOM futures contracts and international currency exchange will be ready for the fall of 2018.

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D E V E L O P E D   F O R   Y O U R   B U S I N E S S

C   O   D   E   L    I

       CODELI (co-deh-li) provides technology solutions for your energy trading and risk management needs. 

O U R    P R O D U C T S

A simple and secure tool for paperless management of your bilateral transactions. 

Single entry, real-time electronic deal confirmation between two companies.  

Streamline your DirectDeal and Net Energy trade data in a single automated feed to your back office. 

A real-time view of CME quotes available for price link to your Net Energy orders.

CODELI Futures provides live spread calculations such as WTI vs Brent and WTI (futures) vs CMA (CS) calculations.

A customizable tool that allows you to assess and mitigate risks in order to make informed trading decisions. 

Analyze Transaction Valuation through a detailed report of Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and Forward Market Exposure.

A tool to graph open, close, high, and low prices plus volumes of major crude oil markets traded in North America.

CODELI Charting uses Net Energy trade and settlement data for analysis with moving averages, stochastic models, and a volatility index. 

Allows users to customize real-time data from the Net Energy platform into an Excel friendly format.

Compare your unique data with that of live prices on the Net Energy platform conveniently in one location in a way that suits your preference.


CODELI owns Net Energy's trade and settlement data for various markets dating back to at least 2008. 

Purchase one of our offered data packages, or we can help customize a data package for you with only the required information.