B U I L T   F O R   Y O U R   B U S I N E S S

C   O   D   E   L    I

CODELI provides technological solutions for your risk management and trading needs in the oil and gas industry. We perform assessments of trading technology and design solutions to take advantage of all opportunities.

O U R    P R O D U C T S

Real-time electronic deal confirmation. Company-to-company, confidential, and efficient. DirectDeal can be easily customized for integration with your company's existing systems.

DirectDeal provides a single reporting and download link for deals from any platform or broker by streamlining the entry of transactions into a deal capture system in real-time.


CODELI Futures provides live spread calculations such as WTI vs Brent and WTI (futures) vs CMA (CS) calculations. It produces a real-time view of CME quotes for products you need, which are available for price link with Net Energy orders. 

CODELI Charting graphs major markets displaying open/close, high/low prices and volumes. Charting also provides various tools for analysis such as moving averages, stochastic models, and a volatility index.

The inherently active crude oil market demands that we adapt with our understanding of its dynamics, especially when it comes to matters of exposure and risk assessment.

ORCA (Oil Risk Credit and Accounting) provides companies with tools to assess and mitigate risks to make informed trading decisions.