The ne2 Platform is a leading web-based trading application for crude oil markets in North America, developed and supported by codeli technology inc.

Market Intelligence. Commodity Trading. Risk Management.


CODELI is the partner technology company, dedicated to the innovative development of the Net Energy Trading Platform, plug-in trading tools, back office reporting, and risk management systems.

Recognizing the need for a benchmark trading system in Western Canada, CODELI developed web-based trading screens for the Net Energy Trading Platform that offer the most sophisticated and trustworthy quotation and trade system in North America. Net Energy's Index products have become a benchmark in trading and market valuation procedures. Currently, Net Energy provides trading services to 600+ traders from 200+ different banks and oil firms. More than 800 authorized viewers from over 250 companies utilize our system.

Net Energy was pleased to gain approval from the Alberta Securities Commission for interim recognition as a Crude Oil Derivatives Exchange on February 1st, 2016. Net Energy has also partnered with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group in using Net Energy's Canadian Daily Index, and the Net Energy Monthly Index as the basis for settlement with their Canadian Crude Financial contracts listed on NYMEX and cleared through Clearport.


Net Energy provides comprehensive coverage of Canadian crude oil markets and personalized service for informed market insight, brokering an average of over 7 million barrels a month.


The Net Energy trading platform provides a high-performance online interface customized for trading physical and financial crude oil with the most efficient tool-set available in the market today.


The product lines available at Net Energy comprise the key Heavy, Synthetic, Sweet, Sour, and Condensate (C5+) physical markets in Canada, plus the CS WTI Calendar Swap and Western Canadian Crude Futures contracts.


Transactions executed through Net Energy can be delivered electronically to your trade capture and other mid and back office systems via our internet-based FIX protocol link. Our FIX link pushes transaction information in real-time directly to your office and third-party systems.