ORCA provides tools to make informed trading decisions.

A premier source of assessment, risk management of the marketplace, and analysis of actual trades as-they-happen.


ORCA (Oil Risk Credit Accounting) is a customizable tool that allows you to assess and mitigate risks in order to make informed trading decisions.  The application has the ability to manage all types of energy commodities - not just oil.

Analyze Transaction Valuation through a detailed report of Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and Forward Market Exposure.


Transaction Valuation

ORCA allows clients to view current market valuations of their trades, both for exposure on delivered volumes, and for an up-to-date mark-to-market on any forward transactions. This is handled through ORCA’s Trade Exposure reporting package.

ORCA’s trade capture tools provide a complete repository of transactions for clients. From this repository, ORCA develops a current assessment of the value of each transaction in the portfolio.

First, transactions are grouped by counter party to isolate and sum the exposures for each counter party. These transactions are then further grouped by currency into denominated USD settlements and denominated CAD settlements.  


Accounts Payable/Receivable

Transactions that have been scheduled or deemed delivered, but have not yet been settled fall into the Accounts Payable/Receivable category. These transactions are valued using the transaction parameters, WTI and CMA pricing, and indexes to determine settlement exposure to each counter party, in each currency.

Forward Market Exposure

Forward market risks are those from transactions with a delivery month in the future. The Trade Exposure reporting tool allows clients to see an estimated future Accounts Payable/Receivable for each counter party and currency. The forward market exposure values the mark-to-market position of each transaction. This is achieved through the direct linkages that ORCA has with the Net Energy marketplace. ORCA determines an accurate proxy value for each transaction and a real-time valuation based on current market prices. The transaction valuation tools within ORCA allow for quick reporting of a full repository of their transactions with an unbiased, external estimate of the valuation of those transactions. All ORCA valuations can be drawn as reports in HTML format or output as CSV files for further manipulation and information processing.

Trade Capture

ORCA automatically develops a data warehouse consisting of all transactions that have been conducted in the Net Energy Trading Platform.  The application also enables users to capture transactions from DirectDeal, various brokers, and from bilateral counter parties. ORCA is a one stop shop for managing your commodity exposure.

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