The most efficient way to trade in the crude oil market place.

Direct Deal is an additional feature of the Net Energy Exchange (NE2) trading platform.

It allows for bilateral transactions between traders with confidentiality from the rest of the market – only you and your counterparty see the trade.

The Competitive Advantage

1. Provides you with a single reporting and download link for all deals by streamlining the entry of transactions into a real-time deal capture system.

2. Standardized and secure data repository for tracking and reconciliation of deal tickets. By utilizing a standard source, firms can simplify the process of mining through endless transaction records for internal audit, corporate governance or regulatory purposes.

3. Anonymity – the deal is directly between you and your counterparty, not seen on the Net Energy exchange.

How Does It Work?

The flow is simple. The trader initiates a deal by clicking on the Direct Deal box, located on the codeli sidebar within the NE2 platform. Once the ticket is populated, it is sent to the counterparty with one click. The counterparty then only has to review and accept. The counterparty can also amend and send back to you for confirmation. Once confirmed, the deal ticket is processed as any NE2 transaction would be, providing the transaction detail for pull down from online reports, export from the NE2 download site, or through push-driven messaging using our FIX API.