A more efficient way to manage energy trades.

DirectDeal is an additional feature of the codeli trading platform. It allows for confidential bilateral transactions between traders – only you and your counterparty see the trade.

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A simple and secure tool for paperless management of your bilateral transactions, DirectDeal is a single entry, real-time electronic deal confirmation between two companies. Streamline your DirectDeal and commodity trade data in a single automated feed to your back office. 


Standardized and secure data repository that allows for tracking and personal reconciliation of deal tickets. By utilizing a standard source, firms can simplify the process of mining through endless transaction records for internal audit, corporate governance, or regulatory purposes.


Interactively manage your transaction details with your counterparty on the codeli trading platform without the deal being displayed to other users. 


DirectDeal automatically populates trade details based on user preferences and existing datbase company defaults.

Cost Savings

DirectDeal enables you to decrease data entry time and reduce data entry error, allowing your team to focus on more profitable endeavors. 

Now all you have to do