View Net Energy Market Pricing for the most active markets. Analyze market data through visual map display of pipeline transfer routing, and through global pin identification. 


 Live globe tracks live price updates. Relevant Canadian oil sand related information such as wildfires and co-generation data pertaining to major oil operations can be viewed.

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CODELI Oil Prices includes real-time information regarding location, delivery date, pricing differentials (USD), and changes in pricing day-to-day for crucial markets like:

Bakken & DJ Basin Condensates Sweet Synthetics  Light Sweets

Heavy Sours - Conventional & Unconventional

Light Sours Medium Sours

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Live and historical co-gen data from the Alberta oil sands generation plants. Ability to view and export historical data from the past 24 hours to the past year. Includes maximum capability (MW), net generation (MW), 30-day rolling average (MW) and the dispatched contingency reserve (MW).

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