CODELI Futures provides real-time and easy to read CME quotes, available for price link with your trades on the Net Energy platform.

CODELI Futures provides live spread calculations such as WTI vs Brent and WTI (futures) vs CMA (CS) calculations. Other contracts include: Henry Hub Nat Gas, Belvieu Propane & Butane, Conway Propane, RBOB Gasoline and ULSD Heating Oil

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WTI & CMA – a rolling year of WTI Crude oil futures (CL) and the date-adjusted Calendar Month Average. This includes a spread calculation of the two indexes.

WTI vs Brent – CME’s spread calculation for WTI Crude oil futures (CL) vs. Brent (BZ).

NE2 Sour – Flat price for Hardisty Sour in both U.S and Canadian dollars per barrel.

NE2 Sweet - Flat price for Edmonton Sweet in both U.S and Canadian dollars per barrel.

Canadian Dollar – Up-to-date valuation of the Canadian dollar vs. U.S. dollar.

Rolls – Monthly Rolls for CL and CS