Package Overview

MOTO is a trading plugin that allows for the execution of automated trading strategies. There are two built in strategies in MOTO; Market Maker and Iceberg. These automated strategies are in place to maximize efficiency and enhance your trading as a Direct Drive user on the NE2 platform. Strategies consist of automated instructions that MOTO will carry out on your behalf if certain market conditions exist, and will stop when criteria you choose are met. MOTO may also be customized by Codeli to implement specific private strategies that you wish to develop, beyond the built in strategies that are provided in the basic version.

All strategies, custom built in strategies, are controlled through the MOTO plug in at the bottom of your NE2 trading screen. Any created strategy is not placed on the live market until you choose to do so. It is stored in the plug in and is labeled under status as local.


Market Maker

MOTO’s Market Maker strategy is an ideal and convenient way to completely customize your strategy and create a specific market. A bid and offer are created by setting a price differential from the last traded price in the market or in a reference market. By creating a MOTO Market Maker strategy you are able to automatically manage a bid-offer spread that will adjust as your parameters and market conditions dictate.


MOTO’s Iceberg strategy allows for the trader to have a fixed volume in reserve but only release a particular amount to the live market. As this amount is traded, Iceberg will automatically pull from the reserve stock and replace the traded stock on the live market. This will continue until all reserved quantity is depleted. When the reserve quantity has been completely traded the strategy will be disabled.

Personalized Strategy

In consultation with the Codeli system analysts and development team, design an automated strategy to carry out what you currently have traders perform manually. Build conditions and actions that will be monitored and carried out as part of the strategy, relying on “if/then/and/until” style rules.