Package Overview

Brocom is face-to-face audio and video chat directly with your broker representative. When you login to the NE2 trading platform you are automatically connected to your broker. It is a confidential, direct and recorded conversation with your personal broker. This communication mimic’s the audio-only squawk box or “hoot and holler”, but streaming to your computer with the addition of video. Brokers can communicate to several traders simultaneously and respond to your order and transaction requirements more effectively and efficiently.

Intra-office communication is also available. The ability to communicate with your broker and with the click of a button switch to talking to your trade advisor or back office official is unparalleled. Brocom eliminates the need for expensive squawk boxes and phone lines.


Trader to Broker Communication

Brocom offers a direct line to your broker with the ability to “hide” at any time, when this is chosen the broker will not be able to see or hear you. The ability to mute your microphone allows you to switch from talking to your broker to communicating with other traders in the surrounding area. From a brokers perspective it allows them to communicate orders much more quickly between potential traders. This will decrease the amount of time it will take to place orders and execute trades, while simultaneously reducing the potential for miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Intra-Office Communcation

Brocom Intra-Office Communication is a very easy quick way to communicate across trading floors, with management, compliance, traders, schedulers, or any other colleague that would benefit from instantaneous and archived communications. The quick simple one touch connection to your colleagues makes trivial communication quick and easy. The recorded face-to-face communication allows for certainty without a doubt you are speaking with whom you wish to speak to and a detailed compliance record so that any disputes are easily settled.

Group Packaging

Brocom is an ideal program to be packaged with Data Cargo. Not only is Brocom linked to the NE2 trading platform for brokers and traders to communicate, it is also designed to function within Data Cargo. Data Cargo allows mid and back office employees already in the program to communicate very easily with traders and/or other mid and back office employees. Risk Managers will be using Data Cargo quite frequently; this makes Brocom within the system very convenient for communication. Any usage of Brocom by traders or back office employees will not slow down the connection with the NE2 platform.